Primary Hospice Care, has been providing for the special needs of dying patients and their families. We accept all patients into our program regardless of their ability to pay. We rely on the kindness and generosity of people in our community to continue our role of providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care to all patients and their families in our area. Donations from our generous supporters allow Primary Hospice Care to provide the gift of loving, nurturing, and compassionate care to all in need at a time when it is of the most importance.

Your One-Time, Memorial or Honorary Gift:

Many people find great satisfaction in making a gift in memory or in honor of a friend, loved one, or even a special Primary Hospice staff member, such as a nurse or chaplain.

Simply provide us with the name and address of those you would like notified and we will send them a card letting them know that you made a contribution. The amount of the gift is not disclosed, just the donators name.

If you are interested in making a donation in honor of memory of your loved one, please send us an email to , or give us a call any time and we will be able to assist you.